Lawrence Green serves as Founder & CEO at PurposedSpace, where he leads the organizations strategy and mission, and works with leaders to build high-performing organizations.  As a 2008 & 2012 Obama for America Presidential Campaign Veteran, Lawrence has had success building robust, sustainable, and scalable organizations while empowering leaders to be their authentic-self.

Before founding PurposedSpace, Lawrence served as Acting CEO at Neighborhood Legislature, a nonpartisan political reform organization committed to structural reform of California’s legislative system. Within less than three months on the job, Lawrence quadrupled the organizations staff and raised more than $1 Million dollars. As a member of the State Appointed Superintendents Transition Team in New Jersey, Lawrence helped to lead the transformation process aimed at restructuring the lowest performing school district in the country and empowering children and the community at-large. Prior to serving as a key advisor and Transition Team Member, Lawrence served as National Director of Outreach and Mobilization at StudentsFirst, where he grew a team of registered lobbyist and outreach staff from six to more than forty staff members and managed a membership base of more than 2 million.  

Lawrence lives in Austin, Texas! A graduate of Texas Southern University, Lawrence enjoys spending time with family and being fully present in all domains of life. Lawrence also serves on the Board of Directors at ImpactLab and holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.