As Managing Partner and COO, Andrew oversees HR/Talent, Finance, Client Services and Information Services functions. He also works with the leadership team at PurposedSpace more broadly to help set and manage annual strategic and operating agendas. Additionally, Andrew serves in a Partner capacity, where he works with clients in political reform and in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. 

Andrew has enjoyed a diverse career in both the private and the public sector. After holding numerous office and campaign positions for state and national elected officials, Andrew turned his attention to the world of political reform. He has spearheaded two innovative statewide advocacy campaigns in California, forming strategic coalitions, activating thousands of grassroots activists, and impacting policy outcomes in the process. As a development and strategy consultant, he has worked with a wide variety of impact-driven organizations, including a top-ranked regional hospital, national organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, and a social enterprise fighting poverty in Kenya and Ethiopia. Today, Andrew spends most of his time working with early-stage organizations in the Civic Technology field, seeking innovative solutions to our generation's most pressing political and social challenges. 

An avid reader and perpetual learner, Andrew has studied in the US, the UK, Italy, and China. He draws on the strengths of various world cultures and academic schools to create uniquely powerful strategies for his clients.